Iceland is to trial an internet home shopping device next month that it says "will open the door to internet shopping for all". Called the Woosh! ShoppingPad, the device is small enough to be hand held or to sit on a kitchen table. It has an 8in screen, a touch screen display and five buttons, and it plugs directly into a standard domestic telephone socket. Users operate the pads with a stylus applied to an on-screen keyboard, although they can use a standard keyboard if they prefer. Iceland's trial will run from December 1 for three months. Its branded ShoppingPads, which have been set up to go straight to Iceland's home page a few seconds after being switched on, will be in hundreds of UK homes. They've been targeted particularly at consumers who are not familiar with the internet. If the trial is successful, the service will be extended but Iceland is being cagey about how this would happen, and how much it would cost. The pads offer full internet and email access. They also link directly to the Woosh! (World of Online Shopping) home shopping portal set up by device designers Creative Techno Solutions, where selected companies offer products and information across 12 categories. {{NEWS }}