Tesco shoppers who regularly buy on the internet become more loyal than clubcard holders and spend more if the store where their goods are picked is bigger. Tesco.com's head of computer systems Paul Arnold said online basket size ­ on average £85 ­ increased in proportion to the larger number of products offered. "Tesco Extras have a much larger basket size than stores that have a 15,000 range." He added: "People who bought online more than three times were more loyal than clubcard holders." Speaking at the Grocery Home Shopping 2001 conference, he said the chain had finally dispelled the myth that shoppers only bought bulk items online and went to stores "to squeeze lemons". "Seven out of our top 10 lines are fresh, just like in stores." Arnold added that 79% of Tesco.com's customers were women and that 80% were ABC1 compared with the average internet demographic of 67%. And while young families were responsible for 24% of sales in superstore, they made up 47% of Tesco.com shoppers. He added: "For 75% of our customers we were the first experience of buying online." Arnold said Tesco had no immediate plans to move towards a warehouse picking model. "It's cost us £24m to cover the whole country, it would have cost us that to set up one warehouse." He added that the only sour note was the speed of some instore pickers. "Sometimes picker productivity isn't as good as we'd like because customers keep asking them where products are." {{NEWS }}