Two-thirds of independent retailers are in favour of a new company entering the e-payment market, according to an Ipsos Mori poll.

The poll, of 500 indies picked at random from the database of lottery operator Camelot, found 66% of independent retailers either strongly agreed or tended to agree that the commercial services sector would benefit from a new operator. Some 13% neither agreed or disagreed, while just 6% disagreed. The remaining 14% did not know.

The findings come ahead of the National Lottery Commission's final decision next month on whether Camelot should be allowed to offer mobile top-ups and bill payments through its 28,000 lottery terminals. The Commission ruled provisionally in July that it should not due to EU and competition law issues.

A total of 81% of indies polled wanted exclusivity deals favoured by PayPoint, the biggest ­company in the sector scrapped. Some 84% also wanted improved commission rates, but only 9% said they were unhappy with current commission rates.

As many as 93% also welcomed Camelot's plans to introduce faster technology if it entered the market, and 87% welcomed plans for ­improved payment terms.

"This research strengthens the growing call for change in the commercial services sector," said Paul Charmatz, Camelot's MD of commercial services.

"For too long, unfair, ­restrictive practices have been forced on retailers. Camelot's proposal would offer greater flexibility and better terms for retailers and consumers as well as increasing returns to good causes."