A Round-up of the hottest action in FMCG

Premier Foods is gearing up for the predicted freezing winter ahead with the launch of a range of self-heating ready meals.

The company has won the rights to heating technology used by the US army and emergency services during the floods in New Orleans.

Its Crosse & Blackwell branded Hunger Breaks meals, available in four varieties, use lighter, cheaper and more reliable technology than has previously been tested on the UK market.

Ryvita is making its debut in the cereal bar category with a product it claims is healthier than its rivals.

Its Goodness bars are made from chewy wholegrain rye, which has been linked with reducing coronary heart disease, and contain ingredients such as pumpkin seeds.

Launching in January in three flavours, the bars have 20% fruit content, contain 3% fat, 62 calories and use no added sugar. A £3m marketing push will support the bars.

French wine is picking up again at the premium end of the market, according to buyers.

In a sector that has seen growing domination from the New World, signs are emerging that more consumers are seeking out premium French wines at higher price points.

Self-heating meals for the winter

Ryvita bars are full of goodness

Fine French wines picking up again