What a clever move it was by Asda putting Dom Perignon on a special for £30. We all expect bargains on booze over the Christmas period but rather than matching Woolworths with a £5 bottle of own label fizz, it’s now gone the other way. Two weeks ago Asda told The Grocer that the number of AB shoppers in its supermarkets had increased. With its growing range of organics, Extra Special own label and fresh produce, it’s not hard to see why. Now, picking a premium product rather than an everyday one - a brand that’s so posh it’s called a marque - ­brilliantly helps to reinforce this move upmarket by the multiple. OK, so like the Champagne promotion running in Woolworths, stocks of the Dom Perignon are limited (700 bottles only), but this is cheap publicity for the cause. And, in the very same week that statistics show premium has overtaken value as the most significant source of growth, this moves Asda to be parking the proverbial tanks on some very upmarket lawns.