Asda does love a bit of publicity - especially when it highlights how low its prices are - so its 2p sausage promotion will have come as a shock to nobody. The supermarket took its fair share of abuse from the poultry industry last year when it declared it would be selling a fresh whole chicken for £2, and no-one in Leeds will have been surprised to see its basement-price sausages panned in media taste tests this week. With no more than 34% pork content, positive reviews were not to be expected. What Asda has been keen to point out is that its customers can still eat affordably at a time when increased costs across the board are putting wallets under severe pressure. Clearly the promotion is a short-term one aimed at getting customers through the doors and restoring confidence in food prices. One imagines Asda did not set out to deliberately harm the meat production industry but inevitably it faces accusations of insensitivity and poor timing in view of the campaign to highlight the dire financial plight of many pig farmers.