This week Waitrose announced plans to take its offer to the Gulf in a licensing agreement with a local player. It's the latest example of a multiple taking strides abroad, following the unveiling of Tesco's Fresh & Easy venture in the US. M&S, too, has found a taste anew for ambitious expansion, with stores planned for China. And let's not forget Costcutter's entry into India and Pakistan. This renewed taste for overseas expansion is welcome after earlier failures, while demonstrating just how quickly things in this industry can change. Only six months ago most would have predicted that Sainsbury's, not Waitrose, would be eyeing up Dubai as an expansion target. But it's been a year of astonishing challenge as well as change as our review of 2007 confirms, with commodity price hikes twinned with supermarket price wars, Kwik Save going bust and the credit crunch starting to hit. No doubt this year will be just as unpredictable - but rest assured we will be there giving you the news as it breaks. Happy New Year!