Even the most enjoyable sagas, such as The Sopranos or Eldorado, must come to an end. And so this week, it seems, one of the grocery sector’s best-loved soap operas has finally run its course - the war between the Nisa-Today’s board and the rebel shareholders behind the Nisa Members Association. The slanging match was entertaining for its rivals and the trade press, but many Nisa members were frustrated the board was fighting fires rather than addressing the real issues, which prompted talks in the first place. Both sides appear to be claiming victory. The board has achieved a 1% increase in gross profits, volume through the ambient warehouse is up and the New Era Trading Terms are a hit with members. On the other hand, the NMA signed off by saying none of these achievements would have happened if the merger had gone ahead. Of course, who won is irrelevant, but at least both sides can still hold their heads high. What is important is that everyone puts their energies into the future. This industry is too competitive for anything other than a united front.