So Sainsbury's has given in to Diageo over its Pimm's-alike Pitchers drink. It looks like good news for absent-minded consumers 'duped' into picking up the own-label version of their favourite summertime elixir. And a victory for Diageo.

However, before any brand managers start cracking open the champagne (or sipping on a fruity Pimm's cocktail), let's not get carried away. The settlement still leaves a lot of uncertainty over what retailers can and can't do when trying to bring a little bit of sparkle to their own-label ranges.

Agreeing to switch the trim from gold to orange and to stick a Sainsbury's logo on the label it doesn't sound to me like a line has been drawn in the sand.

Surely for the sake of certainty a clear ruling on the issue is needed.

Of course you can't blame Diageo for settling to follow through with court proceedings against one of its biggest customers would be a brave move indeed even for a company as big as Diageo.

But what we are left with is a ceasefire, not the end of the brand vs own label war.