It’s a big week for The Grocer, with the launch of our Top Products Survey in the biggest issue of the year coinciding with Cadbury’s defence against the biggest hostile takeover bid the industry has seen in two decades and bizarrely, the two stories have mingled and coincided in all kinds of unlikely ways.

In our top 20 confectionery rating, Wispa’s £58m sales kicked the Kraft-owned Terry’s Chocolate Orange out of the list. Among the top launches of 2009, Kraft’s Mikado biscuits took the spoils, mirrored by the success of Cadbury’s Clusters in chocolate.

Kraft even managed to get one up on Cadbury: in our list of top ad campaigns, we chose Mikado’s racy ad, while Cadbury’s Eyebrows lost out.

These small-scale battles reflect the wider one: this week Kraft dismissed the Cadbury defence as lacking in substance insisting Cadbury would need to up the price of its chocolate bars to eke out the extra profits needed to placate investors.

As we report this week, Cadbury is already upping its prices but in our opinion there’s a heck of a lot more to Cadbury’s defence than whacking an extra 9p on a Double Decker.

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