Sainsbury Waitrose@work Tesco Asda Iceland
Was shopper new to service? No No No Yes No
How long did it take to log on? 1 min 2 min 5 mins 6 attempts 1 min
Was it easy/difficult to move around the system? Easy Easy Fairly good Very difficult Easy
How long did it take to order The Grocer 33? 18 mins 60 mins 20 mins ­ 29 mins
From scratch or from a favourites list? Favourites From scratch Favourites From scratch
Could you buy everything on the list? Yes No No ­ No
Were substitutions offered? No Yes Yes ­ Yes
Was there a delivery charge? £5 Free £5 ­ Free
How soon could the order be delivered? Within 24 hours Within 24 hours Within 24 hours 10 days later Within 24 hours
Was the delivery on time? Delayed by day Yes Yes ­ Delayed by day
How much did it cost? £50.14 £39.60 £45.43 ­ £41.11