Safeway has admitted to a dirty tricks campaign orchestrated at area level against Asda's Admatch promotion as the supermarket price war hots up in Scotland. A source from Safeway in Bishopbriggs near Glasgow said: "Area management told us to create commotion at as many Asda store checkouts in the area as possible." Ten Safeway staff were sent into the Asda in Robroyston, Glasgow in civilian clothes. Store manager Brian Sichida said: "They arrived at our store during the lunchtime rush and clogged up our tills putting through Admatch items. "They said they did not have Admatch leaflets to qualify for discounts on the products they had selected but later produced the Admatch leaflet so the transaction had to be rung through twice. "I put out an announcement welcoming Safeway to our store and inviting them to pay at till 26 which was specially opened for them. They were very embarrassed." A spokeswoman for Safeway said: "Local stores have a lot of autonomy, they must have decided to take matters into their own hands. Asda Admatch is a retaliation against our special deals and they were returning the challenge." {{NEWS }}