This weeks Top Store award went to Morrisons for its high levels of customer service and excellent availability.

The 25,000 sq ft Baillieston store in Glasgow provided a full basket and all staff our shopper spoke to were friendly and helpful.

The aisles were clear of shelf-stackers and packing trolleys meaning he had no problem getting to items. The store was also well merchandised.

A sufficient number of checkouts were open for the volume of customers and staff greeted our shopper. Help was offered with packing goods and the receipt was error free.

Our shopper noted that this was a small store but said that everything was still of a high standard, with a good number of promotions running.

The store did not stock cheapest own-label kidney beans but helpful staff told our shopper where the nearest Morrisons was that did sell them.

Data from CACI indicates that Morrisons is the second-most-suited store to the local demographic, behind Asda.

Store manager Neill McFarlane has worked at Morrisons Baillieston for three years. Winning the award meant a lot to his staff, he says.

"We missed out on winning the Top Store award last year when we were visited and the staff were disappointed," he says. "This is a huge bonus."