Sir; I was interested to read on your excellent GrocerToday web site all about Safeway's Carlos Criado-Perez crowing about the hike in profits. Congratulations to the Argentinian for turning round what I have long considered to be quite a shabby chain of supermarket stores. Well, I would say that wouldn't I, as I live in south east London. It seems to be the part of London that Safeway has forgotten about, particularly the Upper Norwood store. It's hardly a backwater of London, so why is it treated as such? Believe me, I wouldn't shop there if I had a choice and a car. There's hardly ever anything fresh for sale. Shelves are often sad and empty, particularly on Sunday mornings. Even basics such as bread rolls, eggs or single cream can be hard to come by on some days. The Wow deals may be a good idea but they make the store look downmarket and there's never anything on offer that I'd actually want to buy. Please, Safeway, can you route some of your hard earned profits to making your Upper Norwood store a pleasure rather than a pain to shop in? A Tilstock Upper Norwood {{LETTERS }}