The retailers clearly had their houses in order this week, with five stores checking in full baskets.
Cheapest of these was at Asda's huge Patchway store in Bristol, with the basket coming in at £35.96. Our shopper was impressed with the way staff coped at an extremely busy time, although the store's wide aisles and 54 tills helped ease congestion. But the decorators need to be called in to repair signage, which had lost its D and so read FOO.
Although it delivered the most expensive full basket, Somerfield in Stretford surprised our shopper, who exclaimed: "Wow, a magic wand has been waved." In the past this store had proved a disappointment but range had been extended, staff were "brilliant", shelves full and merchandising good. "They are obviously trying very hard and it shows," said our shopper.
Tesco in St Austell delivered a full basket and became our star performer because it earned a tick in every box on our store checklist.
Waitrose in Newark came in at a respectable £39.17 for the full list, with staff ­ described as very friendly ­ who packed without being asked, while Sainsbury's Harrogate store enabled the company to continue its run of full baskets, making it six in a row.
Morrisons fell down on fish fingers, with four empty freezers in the frozen fish section, and mushrooms failed to appear on the receipt.