Musgrave has held the inaugural meeting of the national retailer council for Londis retailers. The council, which represents Londis retailers and provides a link with Musgrave’s management, will be supported by eight regional councils anThe Advertising Standards Authority has acted swiftly to use its new powers over television advertising by banishing a Tango ad from screens pending a full inquiry.

Only four viewers complained about Britvic’s latest ad for the fizzy thirst-quencher but the authority is probing concerns it may lead to copycat accidents.

The commercial, titled ‘Tango Pipes’, features a young man wrapped in an orange-filled carpet and laid on top of a pyramid of strategically-placed concrete pipes. It then shows him rolling down a hill, crashing into a tree and being hit by the concrete pipes to get ‘the hit of the whole fruit’ as the oranges explode over him.

One complaint was from the family of a boy killed while playing with concrete pipes. That tragedy is understood to predate the Tango ad but an ASA spokeswoman said it had acted because of the “serious nature” of the complaints.