InBev UK vice president of marketing Devin Kelly is leaving to return to his native USA.

Kelly has been with global brewing giant InBev for 10 years and has held the UK marketing role for just under two years.

He started his InBev career at the group's US office after leaving a senior marketing role at Kraft's coffee division. Kelly became a senior brand manager and developed Canadian brands such as Labatt beer.

In 2003 he moved to InBev's Belgian HQ to become global director of new brands. He masterminded the global launch of the Brazilian brand Brahma, which is now the world's fifth-largest beer brand.

As vice president of UK marketing, Kelly was responsible for introducing Beck's Vier and 'La Famille Artois', and for the Stella Artois 'Pass On Something Good' advertising campaign.

"I leave behind a great bunch of people and a great bunch of brands," he said.