Name: Harry Goraya
Name of store: Nisa Local
Location: Gravesend, Kent
Type of store: C-store and PO
Main supplier: Nisa-Today's

How often do you get new lines in? We are on Nisa's First for New scheme, which means we get a large allocation to promote new products as soon as they become available.

What new lines have you started stocking recently? There have been various new products introduced lately such as Mountain Dew Energy Drink, Krave breakfast cereal, Ariel Actilift, Chewits Cola and Starburst Tongue Tangles.

How did you find out about them? Reps, Nisa pre-orders, trade press launches, trade emails and advertising.

Is any one product selling particularly well? There are two that have done well: Krave, because it was price-marked cheaper than the supermarkets were selling it and it was different to other products on sale, and Mountain Dew because it is available outside the UK and a lot of people associate it with their time abroad.

Is any product selling particularly badly? Not really, but you do find that if insufficient promotion is given then products do lose momentum.

Have you delisted any products recently? We constantly analyse every one of our bays and any product that cannot justify its space allocation has its space reduced or is delisted.

Are there any other products you've got your eye on? The introduction of some of the Rubicon drinks into the 2-litre size, and also Cadbury's new Spots v Stripes chocolates.