from Steve Parfett, chairman, Landmark Wholesale

Sir; Remember, David beat Goliath! I was disappointed by the outcome of your Reader Panel ('Top 50 write off market inquiry', March 25, p8).

Dealing with trade associations, government, civil servants and the OFT while running a business is frustrating and sometimes feels like hitting your head against a brick wall.

However, the current abuses in the market are so serious that we have a duty to work together to achieve a just conclusion, however daunting the forces ranged against us.

The ACS and the Federation of Wholesale Distributors have done a fantastic job in getting us to this point, but we cannot stop now - this is our last chance for many years to make a difference.

Nobody seeks state handouts or positive discrimination, just recognition that scale terms should reflect genuine economies of scale; that the planning system which allows Tesco to be judge and jury on its own developments is flawed; and that the continued decline in the independent sector will ultimately perpetuate the oligopoly of the big four.

We need to work together and believe in our cause - we have right on our side.