A major car dealer has reacted to speculation that supermarkets are gearing up to sell cars by securing a deal to sell its cars in a major multiple's stores. Lookers, which has a £700m turnover and owns 84 car dealerships in the UK, has opened manned internet kiosks at Morrisons stores in Oldham, Greater Manchester; Idle, Bradford and Hillsborough, Sheffield. A Lookers spokesman said it was trialling the kiosks in different parts of the store. If it was successful, the company had agreement from Morrisons to roll it out to a wide geographical spread, he said, although it might not be suitable for all stores. He said the trial had begun very successfully with the first car being sold within hours and more than a dozen sold in the first week. Lookers chairman Fred Maguire said: "There has been considerable speculation that supermarkets might come into car retailing. "But, by using internet technology, we are allowing shoppers to research their car purchases in the supermarket. "We know some customers are still wary of the web ­ indeed they may not have access to it. Rather than wait for the market to develop, we are taking the internet to the market." A Morrisons spokeswoman said the initiative was another service for customers, but emphasised that Morrisons had no intention of selling cars itself. {{NEWS }}