over baby food Organics is the rising star of babyfood. Baby Organix, which claims brand leadership (48% sector share), says one in five babyfoods sold in the UK is now organic. Waitrose takes the sales lead, followed by Sainsbury and Tesco, it says. Baby Organix declares ingredient percentages on all varieties. Its range includes jar meals, cereals, breadsticks and pasta, with rsps from 63p for 100g jar. Hipp Organic says it has the largest organic babyfood range (49 jar varieties) and is the fastest growing brand, having gained 8% of the total babyfood market since 1995. Its dried range is 25% cheaper than non organic babyfood. Similarly, its organic follow on milk at rsp £3.59/450g is claimed to be no more expensive than conventional formulas. Simply Organic offers 15 varieties in 125g/175g microwaveable pots at rsp 90p-£1.15. The range is being trialled in Safeway and being listed by Sainsbury from January. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}