Tesco has rolled out store-specific ranging across 650 outlets thanks to the installation of new IT from Galleria.
The technology will be used to drive sales through more targeted assortments and accurate product distribution.
The move is a genuine first for the industry, claimed Tesco IT strategy director Ben Wishart. "There is no doubt that our sales increase is due in part to the installation of this system."
Planograms can be updated in seconds to take into account variables, such as new products and promotions, on a store-specific basis said Wishart. "This is revolutionising the industry."
Galleria md Ian Duncan-Lewis said: "This means Tesco can populate its auto-replenishment system with the exact stock requirement to fill shelves in that particular store."
Rival systems did not provide genuinely store-specific ranges, he claimed. "They have a library of possible planograms and the system picks the one with the nearest fit for that store."

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