Our Bank Holiday special purchase was a hit and miss affair with only four stores stocking a family pack of barbecue spare ribs. At Safeway it wasn't available until the following week, and at Somerfield and Asda it wasn't available at all. Both Morrisons had the best deal offering 398g packs for £1.15. Only four out of stocks were noted and two of those were 18-packs of Persil Tablets which have now been dropped by Safeway and Tesco. It was staff, however, that let the shops down this week. Safeway's checkout operator unhelpfully scanned items before our shopper could unload it, and at Morrisons' Killingworth store the checkout operator practically threw the goods on the conveyer. Our Welsh shopper thought 20 minutes waiting at Morrisons' checkout was unacceptable. Only eight out of 20 tills were open and a slow assistant made it worse. After a glowing report six weeks ago, two "take it or leave it" style encounters with Somerfield's staff left our shopper speechless. And, finally, Sainsbury overcharged our shopper by 22p by turning Jonagold apples into dearer Cox's. Only Asda came up trumps. Its Norwich store gave our shopper a free can of baked beans as it was an escapee from a four-pack, while its Waterlooville branch had the cheapest basket at £38.09. {{GROCER 33 }}