from Peter Lowrie, Lowries Cash and Carry, Newcastle

Sir; David Rae’s letter last week caught my attention as I believe that the convenience and wholesale trade bodies need to get together to stand up for our sector.

I am a member of both the FWD, with 30 years as a wholesaler, and the ACS with six months as a retailer, and in my view it was the ACS who made the big mistake by allowing Tesco in.

Its membership is not altruistic or sharing, it is to suck dry the ideas and few unique routes we have left to secure a future for our independent customers and ourselves.

Trade gossip has it that Tesco was quite surprised by one or two of the deals and throughputs that it found in the T&S buying cupboard - and I am not as confident as Patricia Hewitt that it won’t replicate these in its “other” multiple business.

So, two separate organisations, yes, but working together may just have the voice to balance the multiples.