While most of England appears to be praying for David Beckham to recover from his injury in time to play in the World Cup finals, Safeway is taking no chances. The retailer was preparing to launch a World Cup theme gingerbread man, clad in England's colours, until the tackle that put Beckham's participation in doubt. Now it has put its plans on hold to see whether Beckham recovers, but is preparing a second design, with icing for a bandage over the ankle and foot, just in case. A Safeway spokesman said: "We were days away from launching our World Cup gingerbread man when this national tragedy occurred. We didn't think our customers would want us to bring out a fully fit gingerbread man when our captain is in plaster. "So we've designed a new version." If Beckham cannot play, it will stock the bandaged gingerbread men. If he recovers, the original will go on sale. Perhaps Coca-Cola, Pepsi et al, who feature England's wounded hero on their products, should be considering whether they need to patch up their packaging too. {{COUNTERPOINT }}