The independent retail sector and its suppliers are bracing themselves for a final flourish as one of retailing's most flamboyant characters prepares to bow out. Costcutter is hosting a dinner at the National Railway Museum on September 18 to mark the retirement of its former corporate affairs director Norman Walker ­ and already many are wondering how Norman will mark his final performance. As the presenter at the Annual Costcutter Award evenings, Norman has tended to dispense with the traditional black tie outfit and instead has gone for more outlandish attire. Recent events have seen him dressed as a jockey; in fishnet stockings and high heels; and no amount of alcohol could completely erase the memory of him as Lily Savage in full drag. However, he put in an uncharacteristically subdued performance at the last ceremony in December, and later confided that he had been planning an outrageous Graham Norton take-off. Apparently the powers that be decided it was just too risqué and it was pulled at the last moment. Could this be the time to revive it? {{COUNTERPOINT }}