Asda and Tesco’s in-store TV trials have stalled, with neither meeting their roll-out schedules.
Tesco TV was introduced to 100 stores last summer, with the intention of increasing it to 300 locations by May. However, only the 100 sites are using the technology with no immediate plans for expansion.
Asda has just two store trials running, since launch in September last year. It had indicated a roll-out was possible after six months.
However, this has yet to
materialise. A spokeswoman said it was assessing Asda Live to see how it could be moved forward.
Meanwhile, Sainsbury has announced it is beginning a six-month trial of Fresh TV in three of its larger stores. The programme will include 120 TV screens going into each store, offering 15 channels dedicated to specific product areas.
Sainsbury plans to use Nectar data to monitor how successful its TV promotions have been by following shopping behaviour of more than 100,000 customers.
Morrisons is also considering in-store TV despite taking out of Safeway stores screens trialled prior to its acquisition.