Sainsbury is following in the footsteps of Marks and Spencer and S&A's Perween brand with the launch of a range of tapas. The 14-strong selection of traditional Greek and Spanish dishes builds on the popularity of the Mediterranean lifestyle, as well as holiday memories. The aim was to create a versatile selection which could be adapted to both main meals and informal snacks. Most of the dishes are ready to eat and the range includes a Spanish-style rice salad with peppers, olives and white wine vinegar. Also featured are mussels in olive oil and capers as well as Patatas Bravas ­ sautéed potatoes with paprika and tomato sauce. A party pack of tuna tartlets, battered calamari with chilli mayonnaise dip and breads topped with Manchego Cheese is also available. Rsps start at £1.99 for a single dish to £4.99 for a boxed party pack. {{MARKETING - P&P }}