The big supermarket chains have almost doubled their share of the UK's £3b.5n childrenswear market in the past five years, and now account for 12% of all sales, according to a new Verdict report. Asda's George range has increased its market share from 2.7% in 1995 to 6.3% last year, making it the third largest childrenswear outlet, behind M&S with 7% (a drop of almost 10% year on year) and Woolworth with 6.8%. Tesco is seventh at 3.2%. Verdict says 34% of parents are today likely to consider buying children's clothes from supermarkets, encouraged by the one-stop-shop factor and highly competitive prices. The market for childrenswear has fallen 0.8% in value since 1995 ­ partly because of demographics, but also because of discounting. {{NEWS }}