Sainsbury’s plans to claw back market share from its rivals have been boosted by a new budget range of own label goods that it has rushed to market in less than three months.
The retailer’s chief executive is understood to have been instrumental in ditching the retailer’s ‘Low Price’ value range and replacing it with a new portfolio called Basics that will eventually be twice the size.
The hope is that Basics, which features more upmarket product cues but at the same low prices, will persuade shoppers that Sainsbury’s can be the place to go for both
quality and value. Aimed at eventually covering every product category in-store, Basics will double the retailer’s current Low Price bargain range by the end of the year to embrace no fewer than 500 entry-price products.
The first offerings from the range - featuring colour cues from the retailer’s famous orange and white livery - are rolling out to stores now, including packs of fresh fruit and veg, baby wipes, cooking apples, plain flour, felt-tip pens and refuse snacks. Future additions are set to include the multiple’s first bargain-basement chilled ready meals and health and beauty products.
Basics brand manager Tim Lennox said the company had only been working on the project to bring the brand to market since the end of October, a quick turnaround by normal industry standards.
“It shows how important this is for us,” admitted Lennox.
Simon Mowbray