Nestlé has launched an investigation into a potential stocking issue of its top-selling Kit Kat biscuit line at Asda.

Suspicions of a problem have been thrown up by The Grocer’s weekly shop of 33 items in key retailers.

Our study found that multi-packs of the two-finger variety have been absent from Asda aisles for two of the last three weeks - first at Asda Cumbernauld in Strathclyde and then at the store at Pilsworth in Bury, Lancashire.

Nestlé is concerned because the format is one of its best-selling SKUs.

A spokesman said: “We have no stock issues in terms of us getting the product through to them. We are looking into this.”

An Asda spokesman said: “As far as we are aware there is no specific problem, so it must be a coincidence. We will look into it.”