Kraft will be holding talks with the Food Standards Agency in the coming weeks to discuss whether a new global labelling policy would work in the UK market.

As part of a new Sensible Solutions initiative, Kraft will introduce new ‘flag’ labels to products that contain specific nutritional benefits (such as high in fibre or calcium), or low levels of fat, sugar, calories and salt.

These will initially be introduced in the US, but could be adapted for different international markets including the UK, said a spokesman. “We are obviously going to have to talk to the FSA about all this. Our system is definitely not a traffic light system - it accentuates the positive.”

Separately, Kraft will also stop targeting under 11s with adverts for products that do not have the new healthy eating flag on-pack.

While this will have the biggest impact in the US, where Kraft advertises products such as Kool-Aid and Oreo cookies, it will mean phasing out some ads for Dairylea that are shown in the UK on cartoon channels and other media, he added.
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