Kwik Save's long awaited launch of a range of own label products starts in March. But Alan Smith, chief executive of Somerfield, is playing down the initiative. He said the range would comprise a maximum of 250 products and these would be introduced gradually. "It's not a big deal and is not meant to be," said Smith. "Kwik Save is about brands ­ primary, secondary or tertiary ­ rather than own label. The range will be used where we cannot source tertiaries that we are happy with." Smith said Kwik Save was working with existing Somerfield own label suppliers to produce the new range ­ although it would not be to the same specifications. As the Kwik Save range is rolled out, Somerfield branded products will be removed from the discounters' stores ­ ending a source of confusion for shoppers. - Smith revealed some Kwik Save stores converted to the Somerfield format in the past two years will now be returned to their original fascias. {{NEWS }}