Jacksons Stores trading director Richard Lancaster has been appointed trading and marketing director at Sainsbury’s new convenience division.
Reporting to managing director Jim McCarthy, Lancaster will be responsible for trading and marketing at all Sainsbury c-stores, including Jacksons outlets, Bells stores, Sainsbury’s Local and the six branches acquired from JB Beaumont.
The company said he would play a key role in its bid to boost sales by £400m in the next three years, taking the 260-store division to 400-500 stores - a strategy likely to involve further sizeable acquisitions.
“There is a fantastic opportunity to combine the power of the Sainsbury’s brand and fresh food offer with the expertise of neighbourhood convenience trading inherent in the Jacksons, Bells and Beaumont businesses,” said Lancaster, on his appointment.
“We have every intention of being the benchmark in the convenience sector.”
Lancaster joined Jacksons as trading director in November 2000 after a career that has included spells as trading and marketing director at Day & Nite Stores and general manager at sportswear firm GT Sports.
He cut his teeth in the c-store trade by building up a chain of six outlets in the late 1980s and early 1990s, which he went on to sell to Jacksons in 1997 before his subsequent move to Day & Nite.
Elaine Watson