The Lymington branch of Waitrose on the edge of the New Forest was successfully relocated from its central position on the high street of this picturesque town eight months ago to an old Morrisons site just outside the town centre. Its success, all the more impressive given that it involved merging its existing workforce with that of the Morrisons at the new site, has earned it this week's Top Store award. The 27,000 sq ft outlet provided our shopper with an easy and enjoyable shop. The staff, dressed in crisp new uniforms, were cheerful and our shopper was impressed with the level of customer service as well as the shiny new decor and burgeoning shelves. But availability was the winning factor as the store provided Waitrose's first full basket since 16 June. Store manager Jon Williets is still surprised that his store was given the go-ahead for relocation. "We were only an 11,000 sq ft store in the high street and needed to move, but I was amazed when the parties finally agreed to the relocation as they had talked about it for years. The new store looks like a classic Waitrose and has helped turn Lymington into a destination shopping town." The Lymington area is ideally suited to Waitrose's upmarket image, as our CACI data indicates. With 53% of local residents falling into the wealthy achievers category you have to wonder why the move didn't happen sooner.