It's never easy for a supermarket to establish a new customer base in an area it has virtually no presence in - let alone in nine weeks. But Waitrose has done just that with its new Cheadle Hulme store in Greater Manchester earning it this week's Top Store award.

The achievement is partly testimony to the diplomatic skills of store manager Steven Long, who made it his business on the first day of trading to introduce himself to local traders.

Our mystery shopper was equally impressed with the store itself, singling out the customer service in particular for praise.

The warm reception was reciprocated by the locals, said Long. "What has been evident to a southerner like me is the level of hospitality that has been displayed by the people of this area," he said.

"On the first day of my job, I walked along the high street here and introduced myself to every trader, saying 'This is me, what do you think of the Waitrose opening?' They all said that Cheadle Hulme needed regenerating and our store would help draw people to the town."

Strong availability and quality fresh produce were also on offer and, as our CACI data indicates, the store is located in premium Waitrose territory with a massive 52% of the local residents categorised as 'wealthy achievers'. Suddenly the store's cordial reception from the local people is easier to understand.