Tesco is to re-examine training procedures after being found guilty of selling cigarettes to minors. The company admitted selling cigarettes to children under 16 years old at its store in Watton, Norfolk, when it appeared before Swaffham magistrates. Tesco was fined £2,000 with £2,948 costs. The court was told that Trading Standards Officers used a 13-year-old boy to buy cigarettes from the kiosk as part of a test operation. Later tests showed that the sales assistant was unable to list types of identification that were acceptable. Magistrate Patrick Heley said: "Tesco had a system in force but a system that was not adequate in this day and age to address the difficulties that staff are put in." Charles Arrand, defending, said the company had not intended to breach the law. He added: "Tesco had no checks in place to see if people who were having to make a difficult decision on ages were making it well." After the case Tesco said that it would review its policy on under age sales. {{NEWS }}