The National Consumer Council has joined industry calls for government cash to refuel the little red tractor.
Speaking at the NCC's conference at Sainsbury HQ, NCC chair Deidre Hutton said consumers were "terminally confused" by the plethora of assurance marks and wanted one meaningful mark.
"The tractor has high recognition levels but there is insufficient understanding of what it means. Worse than that, there is an expectation that it includes environmental and animal welfare requirements, when it only nods at them."
Other initiatives such as the LEAF Marque scheme to promote products from environmentally friendly farmers should be bolted on to the tractor, said Hutton. "The tractor should signify good quality, but the market should be able to differentiate."
NCC director Anna Bradley said a "strong government lead" was required to kickstart industry initiatives to reinvigorate the tractor: "It's about engaging and involving consumers in the scheme."
Research conducted by the FSA as part of a review of current assurance schemes revealed consumers were clueless about the standards underpinning the tractor, said FSA chairman Sir John Krebs.
"People don't know what it means. Some people think it means organic, some think it's about country of origin."
The NFU, which is preparing to relaunch the tractor, said an injection of government cash was essential.

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