German discounter Lidl is looking at its first ever bespoke store designs in order to make it easier to gain planning permission for new sites.
Lidl is currently engaged in a heated dispute with planning officers in Shrewsbury over the building of a new store. The officers rejected Lidl’s original application in September due to concerns over the visual impact of the retailer’s standard store design on the area.
This week a second application was also rejected but not before Lidl had submitted a revised design which a spokesman said was much more in keeping with the local architectural style.
This is a significant departure for Lidl as, until now, its store designs have either followed a simple standard design or have taken over the shells of existing buildings. The Lidl spokesman said it was now prepared to work with local councils in an effort to provide designs which best suit the local character.
Lidl’s move towards a new look store format follows fellow discounter Aldi’s launch of a new store format in Rugby earlier in the year.