Sainsbury's has switched straplines, replacing 'Try Something New Today' with 'Live Well for Less', to help bring value into its marketing equation.

"Try Something New Today was launched in 2005 when the company was in a very different position," said group commercial director Mike Coupe. "The economy was in a different position as well."

Brand Match had the thumbs-up from customers in trials, added Coupe, who refused to speculate on when it might be rolled out across the UK.

Response from branding experts was lukewarm. The new strapline indicated Sainsbury's may have "lost its nerve", said Jonathan Hubbard from brand consultancy The Clearing. "It looks like Sainsbury's is chasing trends rather than building a long-term brand positioning like Tesco.Every Little Helps' is a core, foundation message, whereas 'Live Well for Less' feels like a campaign. And introducing a message of price feels like Sainsbury's is being sucked into a battle with Tesco and Asda."

Sainsbury's highlighted improvements to its bySainsbury's range and the launch of its new Brand Match scheme in Northern Ireland, which offers money-off vouchers at the till if branded items could be bought more cheaply from Asda or Tesco, as examples of how it is balancing quality and value.