Sir; I have to express astonishment at your publication last week of the letter entitled, They have said it all before...' written by an anonymous correspondent, an ex multiple buyer, who has been abroad for the last 18 months. The three-day Nisa Business conference was full of formal presentations from key suppliers, members, central office executives and ACS chairman Mike Greene, discussion group sessions, one-to-one trading discussions and store visits ­ not quite the "liver pickling endurance test" your correspondent describes. I trust your journalist who attended the conference will confirm the constructive nature of the event as reflected in numerous letters of praise we have received from supplier and member delegates. All Nisa executives strive to bring maximum commercial benefits from group trading to our member shareholders. Our central distribution operations are driving down supply chain costs and the proposed new Reward Scheme' announced at the conference is a fine example of Nisa moving forward and fulfilling our trading theme for 2001 of Driving Success'. We took the amusing article in Bogof's week (October 13, p134) in the spirit intended. However, we cannot understand your letter selection process which gives credibility to someone who did not do so, did not attend the event, and even worse, wishes to hide behind anonymity. John Schofield Group md Nisa-Today's Editor's note: Our correspondent supplied his name and address in good faith, but company policy prevented him from allowing it to be published. However, we are happy to present the Nisa view. {{LETTERS }}