Producers from all over the UK converged on Birmingham this week for the year’s largest speciality food and drink show.
There was a strong focus on regionality with key presentations on local sourcing from Tesco and Asda.
Yorkshire Forward launched Delicouslyorkshire, a brand mark of distinctiveness and quality for food produced in the region.
It has been taken on by Morrisons in 39 Yorkshire stores, covering 92 products from more than 40 producers.
There was even more success for Yorkshire as House of Fraser took on Blieker’s Smokehouse Romanov and Thai Roast Smoked Salmon products.
Other English regions represented included South West Food and Drink, Heart of England Fine Food, North West Fine Foods, Taste of Anglia and
Northumbria Larder. Scottish Development International, the Welsh Development Agency and Invest Northern Ireland were also strongly represented.
And it was not just UK buyers who were watching the specialities - they were also swamped by overseas visitors.
Jane Wakeling, regional food and drink manager for Food from Britain, said: “The demand for export of some regional produce has been amazing.
“We have also been approached for advice by several producers regarding the best way to start exporting their goods.
“The amount of interest during the show has made them think it could be productive.”
Ronan Hegarty