The future of Londis has reached a critical stage as directors at the symbol group were delivered a report was commissioned from KPMG after a bid for Londis in December triggered protests.

The report recommends the future strategy for Londis and the board will decide on the future of the company within a matter of days.

Although five potential courses of action were considered, the most likely outcomes are thought to be: a sale of the company; “co-habiting with a partner” which could provide additional services such as chilled and frozen deliveries; or remaining as it is.

The directors will meet to consider the report over the next seven to ten days, and are also expected to have meetings with protest groups of Londis retailers, before announcing their decision in a bulletin to members.

The Daily Telegraph reported that KPMG’s strategic review of Londis is thought to rule out a flotation in favour of a merger or sale.

The Independent said that the KPMG report could result in the break-up of the company. But the paper claimed that shareholders have serious concerns over the review process, believing it to have been skewed towards a sale from the start.