Londis is launching a new fascia and store layout programme designed specifically for forecourt shops. Sales director Terry Bedford said: "We plan to link the shops and the forecourts in joint promotional activity, as successful c-stores have a positive effect on fuel sales. "We are adjusting our inventories and planograms which will include a range of car care products." Londis has produced blueprints for three different types of forecourt store ­ transient, convenience and neighbourhood ­ each of which requires different space and ranging requirements. Bedford said: "Transient sites tend to be small, but with a high level of passing trade, most of which is impulse purchasing for snacks and food on the go." Londis has over 150 forecourt stores, most of which fall into the convenience or neighbourhood categories. There are 46 Londis outlets on Petrol Express sites, while 40 forecourt stores have Londis Snack Express units. - Londis is sending its members a CD-rom which offers free dial-up access to the net, a free e-mail address and the option to create their own web site through Londis.net. {{NEWS }}