Londis is encouraging its retailers to take up Coors Brewers on its no-win-no-fee initiative for off licence applications. Some 400 unlicenced Londis stores could sign up for the service, where Coors solicitors take submissions to the licensing authorities through the lengthy court process. And Londis will help retailers complete initial paperwork and support them at court appearances. Londis national sales planning controller Paul Courtney said: "This no-win-no-fee initiative will help drive the application rates for off-licences. The Coors specialist legal team can make all the difference." Coors is charging a handling fee of £1,000 + VAT for uncontested c-store and CTN applications and £2,000 + VAT for forecourt applications, on a no win no fee basis. An initial survey fee of £300 + VAT is non-refundable, whatever the outcome. Londis offers a further £300 refund. {{NEWS }}