At £38.59, Morrisons checked in its lowest Grocer 33 basket price for our current shopping list - and the cheapest of three full baskets this week.

Somerfield grabbed the Storewatch honours as “efficient, friendly” staff kept the store “immaculate”. It charged £44.99 for its full list - 16.6% dearer than Morrisons. And at the Co-op our 33 items cost £47.75 - 23.7% up on Morrisons.

A record seven out of stock/not sold items at Tesco in Limavady, Northern Ireland, highlighted the multiple’s availability problems, which have been mercurial this year. The only other occasion seven items have been missing from our list was last February - at Tesco in Lewes, E Sussex. However, staff at Limavady were very apologetic as they helped look for missing items in what was otherwise a “clean and well-run” store.

Asda in Grantham was well- merchandised, but cluttered with stacking trolleys and out of stock of Nescafé.

Sainsbury’s Savacentre in Edinburgh had just 13 of its 38 checkouts open which caused long queues at the tills. Similar delays were evident at Safeway in Cardiff where six out of 14 tills were open, despite calls over the PA for assistance.

Staff at Waitrose in Richmond caused congestion in the chilled and ambient areas as they re-stocked shelves. But the “wine man” was very helpful and knowledgeable and gave advice on wines that might suit our shopper’s palate.