Convenience stores are missing out on the lunchtime crowd due to high pricing and poor ranges, a new survey by Him! has revealed.

The survey on lunch and breakfast-to-go opportunities, based on 500 people, found shoppers were spending just £8.14 per month on lunch in an independent c-store, against £9.78 in a c-store owned by a multiple and £13.65 in a supermarket.

It also found the quality of lunch options in c-stores lagged behind that of the high street. Some 46% of shoppers polled thought healthy lunchtime options had improved on the high street in general in recent years, against just 31% in c-stores. Just 18% said hot food and hot drink options in c-stores had improved.

The number one reason shoppers would not buy their lunch in a c-store was high pricing, followed by poor range.

“Poor price perception is preventing people from choosing convenience for their lunch-to-go purchase,” Him! said in the report. “Both value and quality need to be focus areas for communication and building credibility for lunch-to-go.”

The report also suggested there were a number of easy fixes for c-stores to pull in shoppers. Some 26% said they would visit a c-store more if a range of hot food was available, especially hot sandwiches, bagels, soups and pasties.

The report also found 61% of adults buy lunch-to-go at least once a week, spending £29 a month. Shoppers buy an average of 2.6 items and are most likely to purchase lunch-to-go on a Friday.