Stores signed up with hi-tech fulfilment company M-box to act as pick up points for home shopping are still waiting to see any goods pass through their stores. Stores nominated by chains including Bells, Morning Noon & Night, Spar and Londis were expecting to see the first parcels move through their stores last September. However, M-box md Andrew Day admitted clients such as B&Q, Comet and Virgin, were not interested in using the convenience store network as a fulfilment channel. "There is not any demand for it at the moment from a large volume player," said Day. "But the infrastructure is there and the relationships are there, so that we can still activate that channel if necessary." M-box was bought out by the management two months ago with private cash after Superdrug ­ a key client ­ axed its online shopping plans. The partnership with Express Dairies to offer another fulfilment channel using its milk float network has also been "diluted" said Day: "We are working more at arm's length." He denied reports that the company had run out of cash. "We are simply refocusing M-box as an application service provider. Going forward we are concentrating on the provision of IT." M-box technology provides a complete home shopping package for clients including multichannel order processing and management, warehousing, and several fulfilment channels. {{NEWS }}