Sir, Ocado is to be applauded for dumping foie gras following complaints about the product's legendary cruelty ('PETA forces Ocado to axe 'cruel' foie gras', 29 October).

Opinion is fast turning against it. Foie gras will soon be banned in California and increasingly fewer British retailers are carrying it. While some may question why foie gras is singled out, it is important to remember that production in France (and most other countries) involves methods that would be banned in Britain under existing animal welfare regulations. Yet production continues to grow in territories that currently do produce it, with 34.5 million ducks and 650,000 geese killed annually for production in France each year alone. Despite quibbles about production methods, all French foie gras production involves force-feeding. 

Regardless of foie gras being illegal to produce in this country, the government refuses to ban its importation because of free-trade rules. This makes a mockery of our existing welfare legislation. However, as ethical consumers continue to reject foie gras and avoid places that sell it, businesses are waking up to the fact that it is bad news all round to support this 'torture in a tin'.

Justin Kerswell, campaigns manager, Viva!