Marks and Spencer has launched pilot self-checkout tills in the food halls of stores in Gateshead, Oxford and Uxbridge. Trials of the second generation NCR FastLane technology, branded SCOT (Self Checkout Till) will run for the next 12 weeks ­ to include the Christmas peak.
M&S food business head of selling and operations Richard Sadler said that if they were successful, the tills could be introduced at all M&S branches."We believe this will shorten queues, and give consumers an extra choice at the checkout." The self-checkouts, he added, would be particularly useful for customers with small baskets in a hurry.
Customers pass items of shopping across a scanner, place them in a bag and pay. An interactive touchscreen guides the process with visual and verbal prompts. Bagged items are weighed to detect inconsistencies between what is scanned and what is in the bag.

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